Areas of Interest:

  • Cognitive Modelling and Human Monitoring

  • Embedded Systems Design for Real Time Signal and Image Processing

  • Data Analytics

Prof. Aurobinda Routray

Prof Aurobinda Routray has expertise in the area of signal processing and embedded systems. The primary focus of his research group is to develop fast and accurate algorithms for signal detection, classification, information retrieval and then implementation on portable platforms. The research group is developing devices for monitoring alertness, sleep, emotion, aggression etc. using EEG, ECG, EGG, voice, facial-thermal images, respiration rate and various psycho-motor scores. Several health monitoring devices are being developed which are standardized by experiments where multitude of signals are simultaneously collected from participants to validate each other for a particular condition. Some of the prototypes are: (a) Driver Drowsiness Detection System (b) Driver Drowsiness Detection Device (c)Operator Drowsiness Detection Device (d) Go-no-Go System (e) Portable Wireless Go-no-Go System (f) Unobtrusive Go-no-Go System (g) RADAR sleep (h) Pressure Sleep (i) Thermo Sleep. The research group is actively involved in studying the effect of meditation on the cognitive and emotional performance of human brain using an integrated signal and image based approach.


Contact Details:


Contact: +91-3222-283072


IIT Kharagpur webpage link: Click here to get  Prof.Aurobinda Routray webpage.


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