Happiness and wellbeing as distinctive areas of study came into their own around the beginning of the 20th century when, first the policy makers and then the corporate giants realized that financial growth, stability, profit and affluence did not necessarily lead to happiness and wellbeing. Over the last one and half decades, the notions of happiness and wellbeing have received an immense amount of focus. As a result, first in the context of positive psychology, then economics and policy, and later in almost all related fields that either explore social realities or can bring about social changes, happiness and wellbeing have become key areas of interest. Yet, certain questions lurk, that need detailed probing, and certain areas which have been explored elaborately, need re-articulation. Even as the area is growing exponentially, there is a necessity to both reflect, as well as to look beyond and search for new connections.

This international workshop attempts to bring together both eminent scholars in the field as well as new researchers, from a wide range of areas in order to interrogate the current state of happiness and wellbeing studies, especially in the context of (a) Communities, Cities and States, and (b) the Networked Generations. These two diverse areas actually indicate the co-existence of the latest technologies with the most basic of problems facing communities, cities and states. While the two themes are in themselves important in their respective ways for India and the world, the relation between the two is also equally intruding and relevant to explore.

International Workshop Focus and Tracks

With these twin tracks, the workshop aims to bring together scholars, practitioners, students as well as policy makers and leaders to interrogate, question, come up with ideas, pick up best practices, suggest interventions, bring in technology, assess and measure the various existing and possible ideas in these emerging fields.


- Wellbeing Communities, Cities and - States - Happiness and the Networked Generation


• Concepts, philosophies and models

• Interrogating existing traditions and evolving new

• Measurement – tools, strategies, issues and resolutions

• Interventions and best practices

• Technology interaction, integration, implications and augmentations

• Implications for mental and physical health

• Ecology and community, integrations and disjunctions

The workshop will feature:

• Invited talks by eminent speakers in the field

• Paper presentation

• Poster presentation

• Exhibitions

• Round tables

• Networking sessions

The workshop will showcase invited talks by more than 15 International and National Speakers of Eminence

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