Dear Students,
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The Science of Happiness and Well-Being, Introduction to Gross

                       National Happiness and Measurement of Happiness
Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, IIT Kharagpur, Spring 2019

It is mandatory for all students to complete the pre-post surveys given here. Without completing the surveys, students cannot sit for their exams.

A very warm greeting to the students enrolled for the course, The Science of Happiness and Well-Being. Please respond to the questionnaires, and fill up the necessary information asked for. They are important for you in order to understand a number of things about your mental states and attitudes which are key to enhancing happiness in your life and relationships.

For us also your answers are important. They help us understand your needs, and how to address them. There are no right and wrong answers. Reply to each question as honestly as possible. Your responses will be kept confidential, your identity will not be disclosed, and the data in an aggregate manner will be used for research purposes only.

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